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Ben has more than 20 years’ experience in education, the social sciences, conflict resolution, employment law, and mediation. In addition to his private mediation practice, he currently directs a state-wide mediation program and civil rights law enforcement agency, providing mediation training and supervision to a team of civil rights investigators and mediators.

Knowledge and Education

Ben completed bachelor degrees in psychology, social work, Spanish, and international studies. He completed a master’s degree in International Studies, and a Ph.D. in Spanish and Latin American Studies from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, writing his dissertation on power dynamics in intercultural contexts. He also holds a J.D. from the University of Idaho’s College of Law.

Expert Educator

Ben taught undergraduate students for nearly 15 years in New Zealand and the United States and served as department chair and administrator of several academic departments. He designed new academic programs while managing a dual-enrollment college credit program in the Pacific Northwest. He continues to mentor and supervise more than 30 language teachers teaching his courses in schools throughout Colorado, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Oregon, Washington state, and more.

A Master Class in Mediation

Ben provides 40-hour Basic Mediation Training through VirNet Virtual Mediation and the Mediation Network of North America. Ben’s curriculum design and teaching utilize the best pedagogical methods and educational research to engage learners and maximize skill-building throughout his 40-hour basic mediation trainings

Rich, Relevant Experience

In his roles as academic and government administrator, Ben has successfully mediated and conciliated hundreds of disputes.  He has provided expert consulting and training to hundreds of businesses and thousands of participants. His background in political science, psychology, and social work have prepared him to approach the most difficult and challenging conflicts with a fresh, new perspective. 


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Ben's Bio

A Global Perspective

Ben’s international career and experience have given him a unique perspective and approach to educational consultation, mediation, and conflict resolution.

Beginning with his study and research in Mexico and New Zealand and continuing with his international mediation practice, Ben has brought together his research and study of psychology, sociology, international studies, law, and political science in his mediation practice, organizational consultation, and employment law trainings.

Whether negotiating contracts in China, presenting his research in Scotland and elsewhere, or teaching university, adult, and professional students in New Zealand, Ecuador, and the United States, Ben has accumulated rich resources and multifaceted experiences that set him apart from other professionals in the field. 

Undergraduate Education 1997-2001

Ben began his education as a first-generation college student attending Northwest Nazarene University, a liberal arts college in the State of Idaho. Starting with a degree in social work, Ben added additional majors in related disciplines, eventually earning four bachelor’s degrees in social work, psychology, international studies (political science), and Spanish.  

During his undergraduate studies, Ben began working as a bilingual service coordinator for children with disabilities and their families. He eventually became the program manager through the Idaho Migrant Council’s Salud y Provecho, assisting families and children throughout Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon while he finished his undergraduate degrees. While working for the Migrant Council, he supervised two staff members and managed a caseload of more than 40 families.

Prior to his university graduation in 2001, Ben also studied at the Universidad Internacional (UNINTER) in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he earned his Certificate of Bilingual and Multicultural Studies in 2000. 

Early Career 2001-2003

After graduation, Ben began working for the State of Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare in Child and Family Services and the Infant Toddler Program, where he facilitated therapy services to children with disabilities while collaborating with service providers and agencies throughout the state. He reduced therapy waiting times by more than 75% through his innovative organizational methods and restructuring of systems and processes within the Infant Toddler Program. 

Graduate Studies in New Zealand 2003-2004 and 2008-2011

In 2003, Ben and his wife Michelle moved to Dunedin, New Zealand, to pursue graduate studies at the University of Otago. Ben studied for and completed a Master’s Degree in International Studies (M.Int.St.), a multi-disciplinary degree with coursework in international politics, global economics, international law, and peace and conflict studies.

While working toward his Master’s Degree, Ben also began teaching undergraduate university courses in Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Otago, where he served as a Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in the Department of Languages and Cultures.

While on a one-year sabbatical from teaching in 2008-2009, Ben and Michelle moved back to New Zealand so Ben could pursue doctoral studies. He researched and wrote much of his dissertation while in New Zealand, traveling to Mexico and Australia to conduct additional archival research. Ben completed his doctoral dissertation through the University of Otago, graduating in 2011 while teaching full-time as Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies. 

University Teaching and Administration 2004-2016

After returning to the U.S. in 2004, Ben began teaching full-time at his alma mater, Northwest Nazarene University, where he would develop coursework and programs in language, culture, and social sciences, administrate dual enrollment courses throughout the Pacific Northwest, and eventually chair multiple departments in the humanities and social sciences. 

Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies

From 2004 until he joined the Idaho Human Rights Commission in 2016, Ben taught courses in Spanish language and grammar; Mexican, Spanish, Cuban, and other Latin American history and civilizations; social and political history; sociology and symbolic interactionism; issues of developing nations; “ways of knowing” and philosophical approaches to the humanities; and cornerstone/capstone courses in the humanities.

In addition to his teaching, Ben regularly led international student trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, and other Spanish-speaking countries. Collaborating with colleagues in biology and the arts, Ben led educational adventures that took students hiking through lowland jungle ecosystems and high elevation elfin cloud forests, exploring urban Mexico City, and studying the languages and cultures of Spain and France. 

Beginning in 2004 and continuing to the present, Ben has administered a dual enrollment, concurrent credit program in languages, mentoring teachers who teach his undergraduate courses in many states, including California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and others. He provides mentoring, resources, and oversight for the university program that enables advanced high school students to earn both secondary and post-secondary credit for courses in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and related culture courses. 

University Administration and Academic Leadership

As a university professor, Ben also took on progressive responsibility as a supervisor, department chair, and elected faculty representative. He chaired several academic departments, including the Department of Modern Languages and the Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. 

Ben administered a university-wide humanities curriculum and served as chair of NNU’s General Education Council, overseeing the revision of undergraduate general education requirements using AAC&U outcomes, the LEAP framework, and department data and outcomes. He directed the development of an intercultural course requirement for all undergraduate students and commissioned working groups within the Council to refine general education policies and outcomes assessment.

Ben also served as chair of the Faculty Development Committee and was elected by the faculty as Faculty Secretary from 2012-2016. As chair of Faculty Development, Ben created a tri-fold approach to faculty development in teaching, scholarship, and leadership. Using data from faculty evaluations, rank and tenure guidelines, and surveys of faculty, Ben designed workshops and support services related to teaching, instructional methods, and pedagogy. He also managed the distribution of secondary professional development grants, sabbatical funds, and other faculty awards.

Ben sat on the Diversity Task Force and the Faculty Policy Council, as well as the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s foster care initiative and the Idaho chapter of the national Partners of the Americas as a board member and grantee.

Publications and Presentations

Throughout his tenure as Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies, Ben wrote several academic papers and reviews, as well as his master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation. He wrote on topics including the 1912 U.S. military intervention in Cuba, the 1906-1909 and 1917-1922 U.S. occupations of Cuba, and the Truman Doctrine in Latin America. He reviewed several books in The Latin Americanist, including Brent Metz’s Ch’orti’-Maya Survival in Eastern Guatemala: Indegeneity in Transition and Samuel Farber’s The Origins of the Cuban Revolution Reconsidered.

Ben published his master’s thesis through the University of Otago in 2004, entitled “Fidel Castro’s Political Foundation: Seeds of a Revolution or Roots of a Dictatorship?” He authored his doctoral dissertation, also through the University of Otago, entitled, “An Interactionist Framework of Power in Colonial Yucatán,” a sociological study of power and power dynamics during the colonial period in Mexico. 

Ben has presented academic research at conferences and invited lectures in China, Scotland, Ecuador, and throughout the United States on topics such as the use of sociological methods to teach controversial topics; a comparative study of Magic Realism in Latin America and China; and interactionist frameworks of power in colonial Yucatán. He has taught technical, administrative content at conferences in Florida, Tennessee, Colorado, Illinois, and elsewhere in the United States. He has trained hundreds of businesses and organizations in civil rights and employment law, policy development, and personnel best practices.

Academic Travel, Negotiations, Service, and Leadership

As Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies, Ben created and hosted regional conferences with the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho and NNU on topics including pressing issues in the LatinX community and immigration reform, drawing hundreds of participants and speakers from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. His work in immigration reform also took him to Washington D.C., where he lobbied elected officials as a constituent for changes to immigration statutes and national policies.  

In 2006, Ben received federal grant funding through the Peace Corps‘ short-term service program, Partners of the Americas. Ben traveled to Riobamba and Quito, Ecuador, where he and colleague Sharon Larrocoechea taught courses on pedagogy and teaching methods to high school and university faculty, including Curso de Metodologías de Inglés como Segundo Idioma para los Maestros de Escuelas Secundarias de la Provincia del Chimborazo and a similar course for university faculty at the National University of Chimborazo.

While teaching and administering academic programs, Ben hosted delegations from Ecuador and China, including both academic and official State delegations.  He partnered with China’s Hanban Institute to develop and expand coursework and programs in Mandarin and Chinese culture, including faculty exchange programs between universities in the United States and China. 

Ben co-founded the Treasure Valley Psychology Lecture Series to bring nationally-recognized psychologists and speakers for keynote events. He partnered with the Mexican Consulate to exhibit the grant-funded Casasola Exhibition, “Photographs of the Mexican Revolution,” as well as musical performances and other cultural events with the Consulate.  

Civil Rights and Employment Law 2016-Present

In 2016, Ben left his position at NNU to join the Idaho Human Rights Commission, first as a bilingual civil rights investigator and later as the Director and Administrator of the state-wide administrative law agency that enforces civil rights and anti-discrimination law in the state of Idaho. In those roles, Ben has investigated and overseen the investigation of hundreds of complaints of discrimination annually, working with both state and federal anti-discrimination statutes. 

As director and administrator of the Human Rights Commission, Ben supervises a team of civil rights investigators and mediators. Through a workshare agreement with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Ben oversees and coordinates the enforcement of both state and federal law, including the Idaho Human Rights Act and Equal Pay Act; Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended; the Equal Pay Act; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Ben assists the Commission in it’s three-part approach to prevention, protection, and resolution, an approach to human rights and employment law he developed with the Commission’s staff and 9 appointed Commissioners. Through the Commission and with his staff and Commissioners, Ben resolves complaints of discrimination through mediation, investigation, and determinations of “cause” or “no probable cause” for discrimination in areas of employment, housing, education, and public accommodation.

Since he became director of the Human Rights Commission, Ben has developed a robust training and education program for businesses, public agencies, non-profits, and other organizations in the areas of employment law, anti-discrimination best practices, and other employee training and development. Ben and his team of investigators now provide more than 60 trainings annually to organizations of all sizes throughout the State of Idaho.

In addition to his work at the Human Rights Commission, Ben earned a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) at the University of Idaho College of Law, his second doctoral degree.

Mediation Practice 2017-Present

Drawing on his experience in agency and organizational conflict resolution, his undergraduate areas of study, his Master’s of International Studies, and his Ph.D. in sociology and Latin American Studies, Ben launched his private mediation practice nationally and internationally. Ben has worked with clients in most U.S. states and numerous countries outside of the United States, including India, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and others. Ben has expertise in employment law and employment disputes, contracts, family and divorce conflicts, and more. 

Ben has helped many individuals, couples and families, businesses, and organizations work through and resolve countless conflicts, from complex business negotiations and employee discrimination complaints to contentious divorce proceedings, dysfunctional family dynamics, and property and estate disputes. Ben expertly guides parties through conflict, and has worked in various national and international jurisdictions to assist parties in reaching resolution in any and all issues and areas of conflict. 

Ben’s mediation practice brings together his vast experience and knowledge. He uses each of his areas of expertise when working with parties to resolve entrenched disputes and move forward constructively with the tools to avoid future conflict.

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Dr. Ben Earwicker, J.D., Ph.D., provides expert mediation & consultation, drawing on his nearly two decades of experience with conflict resolution and mediation. He has successfully mediated hundreds of disputes through his national private practice and administration of a state-wide mediation program through the Idaho Human Rights Commission.

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Ben’s empathetic approach to conflict resolution ensures the best potential for reaching agreement and discovering a way through conflict. He knows how to navigate complex, technical, and emotionally-charged disputes in almost any context, from employment and labor disputes to family and divorce conflicts to contracts and corporate negotiations. Ben has helped many parties reach mutually-acceptable outcomes through his expert mediation and dispute resolution services.

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Conflict comes in all shapes and sizes. But at its core, all conflict represents a huge drain of time, money, energy, and other resources. And even though your instinct may be to fight it out, costly legal battles and unresolved conflict can drag on for years with no end in sight.

The cost of conflict is enormous.

Think about the cost of your conflict. Even though you might be on the right side of the situation, there’s no guarantee you can convince the other party of that. In fact, conflict tends to polarize positions and make things even worse over time. Fighting to win is exhausting, and it eventually takes its toll.  

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Done right, mediation offers a fresh perspective from a neutral third-party. With mediation, you can finally find a way through your conflict with a skilled facilitator who knows how to assist in a productive negotiation and the conflict resolution process. 

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