Expert Mediator Dr. Benjamin J. Earwicker, Ph.D.

Meet Expert Mediator Dr. Ben Earwicker

Dr. Ben Earwicker provides expert mediation services, both online and remotely.

Welcome to Virtual Mediation and the Mediation Network of North America! You'll find that my mediation services and 40-Hour Basic Mediation Trainings offer unique opportunities for conflict resolution and your own career development as a mediator. Contact me today for more information about mediation and mediation training. Thanks for stopping by!

Professor – Ph.D. – CEO & Founder of Virtual Mediation and the Mediation Network of North America – Director of the Idaho Human Rights Commission and Mediation Program

Dr. Ben Earwicker has more than 20 years’ experience in education, the social sciences, conflict resolution, and mediation. In addition to his private mediation practice, he currently directs a state-wide mediation program, providing mediation training and supervision to a team of civil rights investigators and mediators.

Knowledge and Education

Ben completed bachelor degrees in psychology, social work, Spanish, and international studies. He completed a master’s degree in International Studies, and a Ph.D. in Spanish and Latin American Studies, writing his dissertation on power dynamics in intercultural contexts.

Expert Educator

Ben taught undergraduate students for nearly 15 years in New Zealand and the United States and served as department chair and administrator of several academic departments. He designed new academic programs while managing a dual-enrollment college credit program in the Pacific Northwest. He continues to mentor and supervise more than 30 language teachers teaching his courses throughout Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state.

A Master Class in Mediation

Ben provides 40-hour Basic Mediation Training through Virtual Mediation and the Mediation Network of North America. Ben’s curriculum design and teaching utilize the best pedagogical methods and educational research to engage learners and maximize skill-building throughout his 40-hour basic mediation trainings

Rich, Relevant Experience

In his roles as academic and government administrator, Ben has successfully mediated and conciliated dozens of disputes.  He has provided expert consulting and training to hundreds of businesses and thousands of participants. His background in political science, psychology, and social work have prepared him to approach the most difficult and challenging conflicts with a fresh, new perspective. 

What People are saying

Ben has served diligently in and for the Dual Enrollment program at NNU. He has consistently provided valuable assistance as a mentor to high school faculty, instructional leader, workshop coordinator, and general supporter.

Dennis Waller, Ph.D.

Professor of Communications and
Dean of the Bridge Academy

In the classroom Dr. Earwicker is engaging, creative, professional, and authoritative all while being at ease and approachable. These are truly an excellent set of attributes for any classroom teacher. In visiting Dr. Earwicker’s classes I was impressed with his command of Spanish, history, Latin American and Spanish political movements, as well as contemporary music and entertainment in the Spanish language. I both learned and enjoyed myself in his classroom.

Mike Kipp, D.Min.

Professor of Practical Theology

Ben is a great asset to any organization. He has great written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, reliable, and innovative. Ben has a wonderful rapport with everyone he works with. I recommend Ben without reservation.

Joanna Vanderpool Black

Salt Lake Community College Advisor