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Counselor/Therapist Advertising

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VirNet Mediation

Advertise with VirNet Mediation and the Mediation Network of North America to bolster your practice’s visibility:

    • Preferred and premier ad placements on 3-5 city and state landing pages wherever you practice (see ad example below);
    • Preferred referrals for mediation clients seeking therapy;
    • Statewide and national exposure;
    • Professional networking & cross-referrals. 

We spend thousands of dollars each month in state-level and national advertising.

Leverage our targeted traffic, online visibility, and client leads to bolster referrals and build your counseling practice.

Starting at $9.99/month

Stronger Together

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Need Counseling?

Contact VirNet’s preferred counseling and therapy providers in your city. 

Javier Espinoza, LCSW

New Beginnings Counseling center

With over 18 years of experience, I specialize in addressing barriers to life’s fullness in relationships, spirituality, and personal mental health. In my inclusive and non-judgmental office space, individuals explore their lives freely, using EMDR and cognitive behavioral approaches to therapy. Having lived and worked in several countries, I prioritize a culturally sensitive approach. I hold a BA from Northwestern University and a graduate degree from Eastern Washington University. I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker, and am currently taking clients throughout Washington, either in-person in Seattle or online with telehealth services anywhere in the state.

Stronger Together

Counseling + Mediation

Counseling + Mediation = Stronger Together

Looking for a unique marketing and advertising opportunity?

Stand out from your peers with VirNet Mediation’s targeted marketing.

Providing cross-referrals to preferred providers is even easier with VirNet Mediation’s low-cost advertising program. For less than $0.50 a day, we’ll add each of the following on three to five different city and state pages of your choice, anywhere you provide services: 

      • Your photo, name, and credentials ;
      • The name of your practice with “DoFollow” hyperlinks to your website on each of your city and/or state listings;
      • A short bio; and
      • Multiple social media links on each listing.

View the advertising example below, and navigate to “Where We Mediate” in our main site menu to view state and city locations.

Counselor/Therapist Ad Package

Monthly Subscriptions from $9.99/month

Counselor/Therapist Advertising

Starting at just $9.99 Monthly - Cancel Anytime
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Counseling + Mediation

Join our Professional, National Network of Counselors, Therapists, and Mediators

Preferred Provider

$ 9
99 Monthly
  • 3 City Page Listings
  • Your Photo and 150-word Bio
  • Your Name & the Name of Your Practice
  • 3 "DoFollow" Hyperlinks to Your Website
  • Up to 3 Social Media Links
  • Lowest Price

Premium Provider

$ 14
99 Monthly
  • 5 City Pages + 1 State Landing Page Listing
  • Your Photo and 300-word Bio
  • Your Name & the Name of Your Practice
  • 6 "DoFollow" Hyperlinks to Your Website
  • Up to 6 Social Media Links
  • Top Placement

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Curious about the VirNet Mediation advertising service? Just want more information before you join our virtual network of preferred providers? 

Enter your phone number below and we’ll call you right away to discuss VirNet’s advertising program and how it can benefit your practice.

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We look forward to talking with you, and hope you’ll join our growing professional network of counselors, therapists, and mediators!

Counseling + Mediation = More Client Resources

Our clients need counseling. Your clients need mediation.

Advertise with VirNet Mediation to quickly and easily make and receive referrals through our national network of providers.

Partner with VirNet Mediation and take advantage of our vast state and national network.

We’re stronger together.

Stronger Together

Counseling + Mediation

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