Academic Training and Mediation with Dr. Benjamin J. Earwicker, M.Int.St., J.D., Ph.D.

Academic Training and Mediation

Your Solution for Conflict Resolution

Dealing with institutional conflict, employee complaints, and other workplace issues?

Dr. Earwicker can help!

VirNet Mediation offers a 3-step approach for schools, colleges, & universities dealing with conflict, complaints, and other HR issues

1. Consultation

2. Investigation & Recommendations

3. Training

Academic Training and Mediation

Use our 3-step approach to resolve and prevent future conflict 

Step 1

  • Discuss and identify issues & scope; provide initial recommendations; create an action plan

Step 2

  • Review documentation; conduct interviews & listening sessions; draft comprehensive reports with detailed recommendations

Step 3

  • Customized training on any HR employment law topic; sexual harassment, DEI, respectful workplace & more

Dr. Earwicker's Academic Training and Mediation

Dr. Ben Earwicker provides expert mediation services, both online and remotely.

Meet the Expert

Dr. Ben Earwicker, J.D., Ph.D., provides expert mediation & consultation, drawing on his nearly two decades of experience with conflict resolution and mediation. He has successfully mediated hundreds of disputes through his national private practice and administration of a state-wide mediation program through the Idaho Human Rights Commission.

Why Mediate with Dr. Earwicker?

Ben’s empathetic approach to conflict resolution ensures the best potential for reaching agreement and discovering a way through conflict. He knows how to navigate complex, technical, and emotionally-charged disputes in almost any context, from employment and labor disputes to family and divorce conflicts to contracts and corporate negotiations. Ben has helped many parties reach mutually-acceptable outcomes through his expert mediation and dispute resolution services.

Contact Dr. Earwicker today, and lean on Ben’s expertise to help resolve your conflict.

The Solution for Your Conflict Resolution

Conflict comes in all shapes and sizes. But at its core, all conflict represents a huge drain of time, money, energy, and other resources. And even though your instinct may be to fight it out, costly legal battles and unresolved conflict can drag on for years with no end in sight.

The cost of conflict is enormous.

Think about the cost of your conflict. Even though you might be on the right side of the situation, there’s no guarantee you can convince the other party of that. In fact, conflict tends to polarize positions and make things even worse over time. Fighting to win is exhausting, and it eventually takes its toll.  

That’s where my mediation can help.

Done right, mediation offers a fresh perspective from a neutral third-party. With mediation, you can finally find a way through your conflict with a skilled facilitator who knows how to assist in a productive negotiation and the conflict resolution process. 

Use my expertise to get “unstuck.”

There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck in a conflict you can’t escape. Even if you have the means to fight it out in court or see the conflict through to the bitter end, it’s rarely worth it.

I can help.

Talk with me today about how my mediation services can help you move more quickly through your conflict toward resolution and settlement. 

Put this conflict behind you, once and for all.

Academic Training and Mediation

We have what you need for mediation, consultation, investigation, and training

Step 1

  • Discuss Issues
  • Identify Key Players
  • Determine Scope
  • Discuss Framework & Approach
  • Provide Initial Estimates
  • Develop an Action Plan

Step 2

  • Document Review
  • Issue Evaluation
  • Interviews & Listening Sessions
  • Individual & Group Sessions
  • Ongoing Consultation
  • Comprehensive Report/Findings
  • Detailed Recommendations

Step 3

  • Any HR Employment Law Topics
  • State & Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Manager-Specific Disability Law, Harassment Prevention, & More!

Academic Training and Mediation

HR & Employment Law Trainings

Dr. Earwicker provides a range of Human Resources and employment law trainings based on his extensive experience as director of an administrative law enforcement agency, mediator, attorney, academic administrator, and professor. Trainings are tailored to your institution and employee needs, and topics can be expanded or combined, depending on your preferences. 

The following list includes the most commonly requested trainings; others are available on request:

  1. Harassment and Sexual Harassment Prevention

  2. State and Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

  3. Respectful Workplace: Preventing and Addressing Harassment, Discrimination, and Incivility

  4. Workplace Reporting and Resolution Procedures

  5. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Something for Everyone

  6. Disability Accommodations and the Interactive Process

  7. Service Animals in the Workplace and Public Places

  8. Hiring and Firing Best Practices for Managers and Supervisors

  9. How and When do the ADA and FMLA overlap?

  10. Terms and Conditions of Employment: Best Practices for Supervisors to Maintain Fairness and Equity in the Workplace

  11. Updates on Specific Statutes (ADA, Title VII, PWFA, etc.)

  12. Sex, gender, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity: State and Federal Protections in the Workplace

  13. Age and Age Discrimination in the Workplace: Preventing Discrimination Against Older Workers

  14. EEOC and State Agency Investigative Processes: What You Can Expect When You are a Party to a Case Before an Fair Employment Practice Agency or Commission

Mediation Services Consultation

Ready for your free, no-obligation consultation?

If you have questions about mediation and whether mediation would be a good fit for you and your situation, use this form to send Dr. Earwicker a message, and we’ll set up an initial, free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation in greater detail.  Dr. Earwicker can provide you with answers to your questions and a specific estimate, based on your mediation needs.

Call Ben directly at (208) 440-5973

Please describe the type of mediation you are interested in, and any other information you would like me to know about your mediation needs.

Academic Training and Mediation

Dr. Earwicker’s Academic Training and Mediation can help resolve any school, college, or university dispute

Sometimes, educational workplace interactions can take a turn for the worse. Whether you’re dealing with interpersonal conflict, personnel issues, contract and labor disputes, discrimination complaints, or any other employment issue, Dr. Earwicker’s academic training and mediation can provide a way forward. The situation doesn’t have to keep escalating; you can work with a neutral, third-party mediator to help resolve the conflict and create a fresh start.

Academic Training and Mediation Solutions

Whether you are an employee, manager, or employer, you can access the benefits of academic training and mediation to resolve workplace conflict. Our mediation, consulting, and training can help you address any type of labor and employment dispute, at any stage of conflict. Contact us today to discuss our academic training and mediation services and how we can best meet your mediation needs.

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